Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth day photography=)

do something today for the planet that has done so much for you=)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

my blogging adventure takes a wrong turn

soo.. a few weeks or so ago this was set up as a back up. my tech- support (who currently resides in the orage county area) was attempting to set me up with an independent blog site (because i'm incapable of doing things of the sort myself). But he informed me that there have been a lot of problems with it so far. that it is only functional half of the time now and that hes having a great amount of difficulty for a reason that is still unknown to him.

I've also recently learned that he is experiencing a great amount of stress in other parts of his life right now..

and i've decided that i'm going to stick with blogger. its something i can do without help. and i dont want something as silly as my blog to add to whats currently going on. But i'd like to thank jason (if he still has time to read) for trying to help me. and i hope that things start to go a little better for him soon.

i also hope that most of my audience chose to follow me here, and will continue to read and leave comments as they had in the past. i'd like to ask that whoever does make it here help me spread the word: tell your friends, throw in some tweets for me, keep reading. i'd very much like to rebuild my audience. 

Feel free to make comments about what i write, what your thinking at the moment, suggestions, requests.. whatever you want. i hope to be hearing from you all soon=)

Until the next window breaks,


Friday, April 8, 2011

pulling back the curtain

All the need to know for anyone out there who cares to look at my brand new, ever so lonely blog. I've been debating for the last ten minutes switching back and forth form my about me to the new post button trying to decide where to post this. this evidently is my decision.

we'll start with the basics.
<---- that is me
more specificly that is me at the arizona grand resort in phnx ( wonderful place) during cheer camp last summer. it was the last time i will probably ever be able to go there. i really like fountains. and water. as you can see.
anyways.. ive lived and grown up in the little route 66 town of kingman arizona my entire life. its small and there isnt much to do if you dont have an appriciation for history or art. there actually seems to be an unwritten rule that if you live here, you have to express your hatered for it on a regular basis. i however. seem to be one of the few who constantly break that rule.
ive gone to kingman academy learning my entire life as well. its a small charter school that everyone believes to be full of stuck up rich kids. an idea that makes me laugh at the irony... considering the majority of the kids that go there are exactly the opposite. which leads me to believe the idea was soley caused by our more vocal and self proclaimed eletists. who are by all means exactly what people say they are.
i will be ending my time here on may 18th. it makes me sad.. but i cant help but feel that its time.

i have been a member of their cheerleading squad for five years. moments cheering were some of the happiest in my entire life. i wouldnt be the person i am today if i didnt have the oppertunity to help build up and progress with such an amazing squad.

and the last thing i will mention at the moment, is the wonderful boy that i met last summer. his name is sebastien christiansen. we've been officially together for about the last seven months. and i dont know what i would have done if i hadnt met him=)

first picture we ever took together. and my favorite=)